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I be huge, y'all.

And one under the cut that includes our new TV!


Miserable, my back is.

And WTF is up with the weather?! Frozen precipitation over night, but the high is 62 next Monday?! No wonder we're all sick!
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wowza! you look 'bout ready to pop!

i love baby-bellies. ♥
they're just beautiful.
Oh wow. Yeah, you are pretty big and you're carrying really low. I bet that's part of all that back pain. Unfortunately, it only gets worse from here on out. But when it's over, you're gonna be so happy to meet that little guy that's causing the pain.

Btw, how far along exactly are you now?
Yesyes, and I can not wait!!

Hmm, technically it's Tuesday, so I'm 26 weeks + 4 days
Awww, baby belly!!! :) I love baby bellies!
Yay! I'm starting to... just not with the backaches, lol.
i can't wait for lil' Benjamin to be here!
You and me both!!!