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Wendy's Wonderful Thoughts

27 March 1985
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I'm a graduate from the University of Memphis, with a B.B.A in finance. I graduated May 2007, but had to put the job search on hold because I got pregnant! I married Daniel March 3, 2007, and we had our first son - Benjamin Alexander - on April 8, 2008. I had to be induced because of pre-eclampsia and ended up with a C-section because of my abnormally shaped pelvis (it runs in the family, apparently) and because his cord was in a knot. He was 8 pounds even, 21 inches long, and looked just like his daddy. Things didn't go so great after that. My blood pressure was at stroke levels (200/121) and I ended up in the hospital for half of the month of April. They let me leave on a pretty high dosage of blood pressure medicine that put me in bed all three times of the day that I took it, because of the dizziness and weakness it caused. I have chronic resistant high blood pressure as a result to all of this. It takes at least 3-4 medications to keep it controlled, which isn't fun AND is pretty pricey.